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Nothing beats utilizing AIR-SPACE for free storage. Eurot & Vertimag storage machines stand on a small footprint, with a press of button, stored  items comes down to you. No time needed for searching, no wasteful  errors made, machines can be fully integrated with scanners, RFID and software.


Types of Storage areas we compact are Offices, Warehouse, Laboratories, Stores, Galleries, Archive Rooms etc.


Industries we serve are Commercial Offices, Industrial Warehouses, Shops, Clinics, Hospitals, Restaurants, Hospitals, Museums, Workshops, Hotels etc.


Inorder to fulfil todays clients  wider storage needs, we too provide Boltless Shelves / Racks,  LongSpan Racks, Pallet Racks,  Mezzanine Racks & Customised Storage Solutions. 


Compacting your storage  space is our forte.